Lowest Of The Low

City Full Of Cowards

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I used to have a friend
Who skipped a maximum-security prison
And he used to call her Jasmine
He doesn't call anymore

He spends six out of seven days drunk and passed out on the floor
And Jasmine got burned by her friends
Who said that she should go running after him
But she'll never make that mistake again
Or so she says tonight
But she kisses his picture and turns out the light

A city full of cowards is this
We'd give 'em just enough rope to commit
But there's been too much wine under the bridge
And my eyes have become immune
To everything I take from you

You wander around on a crutch
Why don't you just lay it down and shut up
With thoughts as pure as the driven slush
And a cool insanity
From everything you take from me

Get the pigs into the pen
It's a pad-lock slapping sound
Put a shotgun to its head
And hit the ground
Separate the meat from bone
Take some care
'Cause blood is everywhere

Waiting, salivating
Speaking, sink the teeth in
Sleeping, I'm too deep in
Digging, your way out of here

One more beer and I'll go home
I'm hung-over with philosophies of every woman that I've known
And "sex isn't sex", and "love isn't stone"
And I wish that I could relax
But another day has fallen through the cracks

Writer/s: Ronnie Hawkins

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