Twilight Ophera

Cruciferous Lunacy

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Christ they forced me to die once more
All blood is sucked, left weak and sore
Why nails pierced sheltered core
By the god you shall never born again!
We shall never born again!
My genocide, elaborate from halo
My genocide, worshipped creature
Who raveled the schemes of zeal,
Pleasures blessed to Blasphemy
Who woke the mind of god,
Madness of canonized Blasphemy
We shall never born again!

Why steal the fatal mares of night
All rebirth chose to hide,
Orphan of smothered light
Reason that froze on
Noetic mirror, forevermore

What reward you wished
Wish last of yours banished
Make haste for gates to lunacy
Can only hear the living pleads

Writer/s: Timo Puranen

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