Cry 2 my face

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It's the final straw, here's my notice that I quit
Though I'm not quite sure, but I'll take this leap of faith
It's not a waste of time if you enjoy the time you waste
So a wise man said, though it seemed like yesterday

I feel like I'm almost overcome, once again
More or less
I feel like I've always known much
Sooner than later

You can cry 2 my face
And I'll know what you want me to do
You can cry 2 my face
All the world will be hidden from view
You can cry 2 my face
No harm gets through

Such a smoky day, even saints have to wait
Though I'm not quite sure, as I found out today
Do you feel life like it's always on the line
But it feels so good, and it's like this every day!

Writer/s: Paul Draper