Suicidal Tendencies

Cyco Vision

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You tell me what i wanna hear
I hear it all with my ears
But that won't do me any use
So i use my eyes to see the truth

I've got cyco vision!
I use cyco vision!
I said cyco vision!
I've got cyco vision!

It doesn't matter what you say ... bullshit!
It only matters what you do ... no shit!
You cannot take the easy way out with me
'cause i got cyco vision!

You put a smile on your face
To try and hide behind your lies
But it just magnifies the pain in your soul that i see with my cyco vision

When you think with all your might (you change)
You change right to wrong and wrong to right (don't change)
But it stays the same to me
'cause i got cyco vision!

Writer/s: Josh Paul / Mike Clark / Mike Muir

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