Little Feat

Cold, Cold, Cold

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Cold, cold, cold
Cold, cold, cold
Freezing it was freezing in that hotel
I had no, money, my special friend was gone

The TV set was busted so she went along
I called room service, I'm down here on
My knees, a peach, or a pear or a coconut please
But they was cold

Well it's been a month since I seen my girl
Or a dime to make the call 'cause it passed
Me up or it passed me by or I couldn't decide
At all and I'm mixed up, I'm so mixed up

Don't you know I'm lonely and I wish the world
Would get off my case and get on one of its own

Cold, cold, cold
Cold, cold, cold
That woman was freezing, freezing cold
Well I tried everything to warm her up

Now I'm living in the cold hotel 'cause
She passed me up or she passed me by or I
Couldn't decide at all, Oh I'm mixed up
Yes I'm mixed up, don't you know I'm lonely

Of all the things I had to do I had to fall
In love you know she's cold

Turn your clock back woman when you see me
Comin' round, my feet don't even, don't even
Touch the ground
Don't be cold, don't be cold
Don't be cold, don't be cold

Writer/s: Lowell George