Casiotone For The Painfully Alone

Cold White Christmas

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Cap & gown in purple & gold
You're 22 years old & a woman now you're told
Aunt Beth & Charlie cut a check for the graduating niece
& you marked your independence with a signature on a lease
But home was a photograph you taped to your wall
It's gonna be a cold white Christmas in St Paul

Beer for breakfast who's gonna scold
You've got your early hours dulled by the cigarettes you rolled
Second shift as a fry cook that's your holiday in grease
& you trudge to work through the snow in a coat down to your knees
& you linger at the twinkle lights as you pass by the mall
& count the days to a cold white Christmas in St Paul

Feather down the nights get so cold
& you ignore the smell of mold as you smooth out the folds
When you're on your own you've got no one to please
In a Minnesota city just as bare & as mean as the winter trees
But you'll be damned if you're the one making collect calls
On a cold white Christmas in St Paul
Yeah it's a cold white Christmas in St Paul

Writer/s: Owen Ashworth

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