Magne Furuholmen

Come Back

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Come back, all is forgiven
Come back, all is not lost
Come back, I know what you want now
Come back to me

Come down off your pedestal
Come down off your high horse
Come get some dirt under your fingernails
Come sing for me

Plans change, change is in their nature
But I'll be here come rain or come shine
I wouldn't care much if it's dry or soaking wet now
We only miss what we don't get
So come now, time is a-wasting
Come out wherever you are
Come on back here, you know what I want from you
Come sing with me

Get up now and rise to the challenge
Get back here, this time it's alright
Get over here, your point's been proven
Beyond a shadow of a doubt
Come back, come back to me
Come back, come back to me

Writer/s: Magne Furuholmen

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