Company Of Angels

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Darkness prevails
mercyless war
devastating the land
with a vicious embrace
The footsteps of death
leave hunger and pain
empty hearts in dispair
tears fall like rain
Far in the distance
a glowing celestial sign
out of the silence
a murmur begins to rise
We fear no one
we trust in Jeanne
our weapons strike like fire
We roll like thunder
skies torn asunder
a mighty roar from heaven
warriors of the Lord
Fears dissipate
minds reunite
for a holy crusade
in growing belief
the virgin of light
escorted by knights
leading banners of war
by celestial advice
Heavenly angels ride on the battlefields
wearing the colours of justice upon their shields
Invincible - infallible
a holy blaze of fire
The choice of heaven
a deadly weapon
we fight to end the torture
the iron hand of God
female voice/choir:
Hear the message of the glory
God is with you
trust the company of angels
holy army
Dark shadows
of evil
engulf the light of glory
the powers
of darkness
demand the blood of sacrifice
the claws of inquisition
the jury
of traitors
holding the scales of justice
Her grieving
shed burning tears of sadness
no mercy
the pyre claims the child of light
All that remains
tears and love
as she rose to eternal light
weapons of war
silent now
still her spirit rides on the wind
Over the ages
a mystical sound rebounds
voices of warriors
forever are chanting on
We fear no one / ?
we trust in Jeanne / the child of light
her silver armour shining / her silver armour shining
The joice of heaven / heaven
a deadly weapon / ?
a holy blaze of fire / holy blaze of fire
Her guiding star / far in the distance
shines from afar / she rose to eternity
lightning remains forever / her spirit rides the wind
till the end of time

Writer/s: Frank Bornemann / Michael Gerlach