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My friend well he walked me down
These roads I've never known
The salvation of my soul
Myself the only goal
There were pleasures I thought I'd seen
And some I never knew
There were people dressed in rainments
Of an uncertain hue
And the chances I thought I'd had
Many I'd missed
There were devils bearing gifts
And angels on the piss

For my sins I will confess
And I will never lie
There's nobody that was ever here
That's never wondered why
And I've lived my life the best
Every second to defy
Will nobody that was ever here
Grieve me when I die

On the first day I met myself
Coming back from the third
I believed in what I was doing
I swallowed every word
Every word that I was told
By the great and the good
I bit the poisoned apple
Cos I felt that I should


And now that I come to it
I can't recall
What it was I achieved
Just before my fall
I saw visions of ugliness
I visited shame
But I know should I come to it
I'd do it all again