Rx Bandits

Consequential Apathy

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Now that you're gone
I'm regretting every word I said
On this dark day my veins are burning
Trying to keep these thoughts out of my head
So what do you think
Do you even blink
When I'm screaming and calling your name
Just how I like it -blank and indifferent
Are you too ignorant to feel the ashamed
Wake up, wake up, wake up
The world is changing
Someone else's sorrow
I can't hear it
Someone else's sorrow now
And take back life's remote control

Where you going, what's this life for
How do you want to be when you grow old
What you want to say, what you want to do
Nobody's a victim its only up to you
Wise man say you reap what you have sown
Only what you have sown
Now that you're gone
Well, you're regretting every word you said
I have just one more question now
For anyone that I can not motivate
Is it just routine trained behavior
Does the TV set control your life
Go, create