Action Bronson

Contemporary Man

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Get it together, Justin!
You gotta get it together Fan
Let's go, yeah!
Fuck the back talk.
Save all that pussy shit for the catwalk
Now write your name a hundred times on the block [?]
Just a white man excelling in the black spot
Like a pistol P, you already know you were gonna when I kiss your cheek
[?] like when your sister sweeps
Find out and drink water by the crystal creek [?]

Oh, oh,
Uh flash it
Grown man shit!
You could have a [?]

Ya all! I'm a wild freak
Hit Shawty with a child [?]
While the mother makes supe with the cow [?]
Show the bags in the [?]
Fuck sex on the beach
I'm one head on the streets, red [?] on the feet
The Cadillac of the 73 Aqua Marine [?]
Big burn turn it to the [?]
Act like a pussy, she [?]

This girl is still on my mind
All the time, Shwa, Shwa, Shawty!
[?] the supplies!

You seen me in the [?]
Then I'm gonna [?] a feast before
If you seen me in a [?] I was reaching the floor
[?] cause of the breezy shore, yeah!
[?] you're spitting [?] college rap
Eat your pussy with a plastic bag covered in a [?]
If the chick is in the building [?]
[?] I got, I'm loosing up this [?] a lot
[?] will make you poo poo a lot
And the Z3 [?]
[?] playing in the [?] cup
Pay 30 dollars for a dick suck
Pay a hundred dollars for the joints I roll [?]
I love [?]
Shawty is on the arm like a [?]
On a [?] doing with a yellow fever
See through yellow paper!

She calls out to the man on the street
So can you have me?

Feel the beat
When I rise [?] man was like the 4 day in July
When you kiss my lips, I knew one day you'll be mine!
Watch where Shawty take a shower
I want the good loving and six ducks in a [?] burn oven
[?] I'm a model
She raised that [?] but moved out of Colorado
Loonietunes, [?] on the shirt
Fuck swag, got possessed
Two jacks, sissing at this [?]
Next she a catch posing at the [?]
Fold the paper, [?] at the OJB
Call the money like a [?] shrink

American flag hangs [?]
Put my arm through the Picasso [?]
Two stallions pull the [?]
Uncle Uzzie with the [?]
Uncle Jimmy with the funny money flossing out in OC
[?] with the turtle neck [?]

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