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Released Hatred reigns again
In the name of eternal evil
The day of convocation
Fulfills the prophecy of destruction
Absorption of light
Thorough human end

Shadow of the cross spilled blood
Putrefying bodies desperate cry
Monstrous pain ferocious orgy
Burning carnage suffocated light

An offering for the obsessed lord
His majesty desires blood
Black haze takes away breath
Every face is a face of death

Rest of hope will be burnt
Then i will fulfill what i had been taught

Darkness is my light
My call is destruction of good
There is no mercy for Joshua's sons
Every second means death of millions
The stigma I bear tells me to hate the person of god

Convocation-the evil force is summoned
Mutilation-peoples thoughts and bodies
Extermination-all tho believe in holy trinity
Restoration-an absolute master's reign