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On Christmas day the Gingerbread man said
"Ladyfingers be my wife."
"Oh happy day, let's spread the word"
Said the spatula to the knife.
And when the baker heard the news, he cried
"I know just what to do."
"I got a zillion recipes, cause you just can't make enough"
Just can't make enough sweet cookies.

Peanut butter, Butter nut, Co-coa-Co-conut.
Ca-ra-mel, Carob Kisses, cookie cutters cut.
Mocha Macaroons, Double Double fudge cream.
Don't you know it's a Christmas dream.
Sweet, sweet cookies.
The Gingerbread man asked Ladyfinger
"What do you want most? Anything your heart desires
I'll search from coast to coast"
She planted candy kisses on his face with emphasis-sis
"I want a great big family"
Cause you just can't make enough.
Just can't make enough sweet cookies


One by one, then two by two, the cookie family grew.
A dozen more became a score pouring out the backdoor.

All across the nation.
It was the sweetest celebration.
Between friends and family, everybody had to agree.
They had a cookie infantry to the last crumb.

Nmy NmmNmm gooey, chewy good stuff.
Nmy NmmNmm you can never have enough.
Cause you just can't make enough
Just can't make enough sweet cookies!

You can never make enough.

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