Cosmic Trigger

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I dream of red flowers tonight
Covering your pale velvet skin
Your sensual smile it's shining bright
It feels so warm, the skin you're in

We get closer to each other
Uniting body and soul
Stardom's such a fertile lover
Let steady rhythm take control

Cosmic trigger - Pull the trigger
My world circles in orbits around you
Cosmic trigger - All is bigger
If into space we once break through

For one moment we're becoming one
Furious seconds take us higher
It seems everything around is gone
In an act of wild desire

A fire's burning in our hearts
Weeping a tear of passion
In trance we yearn to be torn apart
Dressed in solemn naked fashion

In my wild floods you're the rock
You are my sexual demise
Prepare a warm place for my cock
As I explode between your thighs

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