Brenn Hill

Cowboy Cadillac

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There's a full Texas moon big and bright
And a thousand stars in your eyes tonight
There's a ranch rodeo and a dance out back
And I'm takin' you there in my cowboy Cadillac

It's a flat-bed Ford
Got four bald tires
Four-wheel-drive and new spark-plug wires
Got a full bench seat
With a rearview mirror
So you can put on your makeup and play with your hair

And its fifteen miles to Abilene
There's a four-lane highway runnin' there in between
But we'll take the dirt roads there and back
With you right beside me in my cowboy Cadillac

I see the cowboys turn when we pull in
And I know it ain't the truck that makes them grin
Or the buckaroo saddle ridin' there in back
Of my rusty, dusty old cowboy Cadillac

And we dance 'til the band calls out, "last song"
Though I'd dance with you my whole life long
Walk back to that pickup hand-in-hand alone
And start out on the long ride home


So lay your head upon my shoulder
I'll kiss you once and say goodnight

And it's a long ride home
Without you here
I got a long hard week
Sortin' steers
Until the next time I come ridin' back
And we disappear in my cowboy Cadillac

Writer/s: Brenn Hill

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