Lucy Kaplansky

Crazy Dreams

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Snow bound siren in the winter dawn
There's a blizzard blowing in from off the river
It's ten below out on these city streets
But the feeling in your heart is even colder

The sunrise screeching down the line
And the fog banks running out of time
But you won't be here when they creep in tomorrow
You're tired of dreaming someone else's dreams

When they really don't include you any longer
Miles from home, you're sliding down with each day
And you need a woman's love to make you stronger
And lately you've been getting doubts

A voice inside keeps calling out
That someone else's dreams don't get you nowhere
So, shut the suitcase, kiss the year goodbye
Don't let nobody stop you at the doorway

And close the shutters on this empty room
Where these crazy dreams come crawling to devour you
And head on out across that line
Where she's been waiting all this time

And tell her that you want her there forever
It's still two hours till this plane gets down
Can hardly bear to wait another minute
Your sweet loving babe is all that I need

Darling, it's been building up inside of me
Tonight, we'll go and paint this town
We're gonna drink champagne till we both fall down
And we'll find some other crazy dream tomorrow

Writer/s: Paul Brady

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