Creatures Of Conformity

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Sealing off the corridors to secure
Brash hulks pommel the hull
Outer shell is showing the signs
Repeated bombardment

Fragile encasement is under constant attack
Distressed housing mutilated by mutoids.

Harmonious existence, now gripped by fear.
Swarming over, engulfing, social vortex.
Devote brutes undaunted by the task.
Impregnate the habitat with your filth.
Twisted metal and flesh stain the exterior.
Crudely fashioned weapons scrape and claw.
Forgotten, excommunicated, forced vengeance.
Psychological horror, never knowing when they will breach.

Gauge out your soul, debilitate your will to go on.
Paralyze the colony with insurrection
Volatile antagonists

Subterranean decay, negotiate with pain.
Commonalities brought them together
Progenitor ideals split them apart.
Creation of hate without reason.
Forging a life through misdirection.
Tainting the underlings with stories of oppression
Formulate notions about the others.

Striving for a life beyond the negative.
Searching for the truth but evil creeps in.
Enveloped by this haze of pestilence.
Infectious are these thoughts, revel in ecstasy.

Sealing off the corridors, secure the parameter.
Having the hatred turned on you, experience a new despair.