Criminal Assault

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My dream with open eyes is to see you standing giant in my hand
I feel you touch my body and your giant fears the early shot
You and he confuse me so my brain is going to burst in two
I'm burning like fire to be your slave an keep you satisfied

Can't you see I give my heart start makin' love
One chance is all you get to take me to the limit of lust
Illusion takes me high your breath embrace my neck
I think you are on a mission to abuse me I exploit

I'm not your lover girl
You can't violate me
Start to satisfy me
Get your peak

Believin'in a better day, I was your slave
All tomorrows are yesterdays satisfy yourself
You want to control now you must pay and I free myself

What I felt for you last night
Was dying with the morning light

Illusions takes me high
I'm undaunted I don't cry
Love rules over hate
You're not indestructible
Reality suffocates
I'll blow up your eggs
Take the excuse for your fate
I process you to minced meat

I'm praying for your execution
I'm hunger for your blood

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