Fred Small

Crossing The Charles

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I guess it must say something
That i was the last to know
I never saw the signals flashing danger
Falling out of love with me
Was hard on you i know
To wake up in the morning to a stranger.
Crossing the charles the water's shining
And the sailboats running free
On this dirty old river
Winding down to the sea
Hello to the rumbling city
Goodbye to the windy sky
Wonder when i'm gonna get over your leaving.
Less than lovers, not quite friends
Waiting for the wound to mend
You still work your magic without trying
Funny how many memories
The shortest love can hold
A sight, a sound, a word can leave me crying
I've thought it over and over again
Looking for the one to blame
Down a darkened street leading nowhere
I've left behind the anger now
I'm riding out the pain
Still reaching out and wishing you would be there.

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