Tigers Jaw

Crystal Vision

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Are you judged how you want to be judged
Or does your ego rain down like a flood
How do you act towards the ones you love
It's harder to be honest when you're young

And do i know what you want me to know
From the jeans you wear and the looks you stole
And your light it comes from a judas hole
Your charm betrays my eyes, it's dark and cold

I know you're bored
I've seen it all before
Yeah i'm familiar

Do those veins still hold that blood
Can i ever have more than your trust
Can i be enough
Can we ever talk about us

I know you're right
I see it in your eyes
With my crystal vision
And i'm underwhelming
But i've got a feeling

You get exactly what you need
Your charm's your harm
What you need is to be free
I know you know you know
You know just how i can be
Afraid of honesty
You can't see what i can see
With my crystal vision, but it moves fast