Alix Olson

Cute For A Girl

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I told her she was cute.
She said "you're cute. for a girl.
Look, i like you a lot, but i like to give head."
I lay down on my bed, i said "try me."
She said "no, it's dick i'm after, darlin," and she
Headed for the door.
I said "if it's dick you're after, darlin, try my
Top dresser drawer."
"but i've got small hands," i said,
"they never go limp when i fuck
I got girl parts myself, so i know where's good to suck".
She paused. i moved closer.
She said "i'm not sure i buy it."
But her nipples perked, her pelvis jerked, she said
"i guess i'll try it."
She stopped, dropped, rolled, paused, turned.
And that night i learned
That skin is where this revolution gonna begin,
Touching one woman at a time, showing there's no crime
In feeling this good
God would be a dyke if she could find someone to hold her,
Instead of holding her up as the dark image
In the church of my bedroom she stopped, dropped, rolled, paused, turned, spread, said
"oh god."
"yeah, darlin", i said "anybody, anybody,
Any body can bring you
Closer to jesus."

Writer/s: Alix Olson