Keith Whitley

Daddy Loved Trains

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Daddy Didn't see me take my first steps as a child
The railroad had him haulin' cows through Texas at the time
The night I kicked a field goal at the big homecomin' game
Dad was kickin' hobos off another damned ol' train

Mama did her best to do it all when Dad was gone
And every night she'd swear he'd really rather be at home
Sometimes we'd believe her 'til we'd look in Daddy's eyes
He'd have that faraway look he never could disguise

Mama loved Daddy but Daddy loved trains
The steel rails controlled him like whiskey in his veins
Number two diesel fuel flowed through his veins
Mama loved Daddy but Daddy loved trains

Now that I've grown older there's some things I understand
It takes a special person to love that kind of man
In ways I guess I'm different but in way's I'm just the same
I've grown to love somebody like my daddy loved those trains

(repeat CHORUS twice)

Writer/s: Don Cook / Keith Whitley

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