Dare Yori Suki Nanoni (Translation English)

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A face to laugh at when I could tell anything to you was lacking
I seem to forget even the lip which I put in the evening
If I was able to come back once again.
Though it is told better.
It is even too much for wards between two people, so close, and a heart that is always opposite.

I become sad when gentle.
I want to cry when made cold.
When I rustle, and this heart is ran after,
I want to escape.
But I become afraid that he has turned his back
On the one whom loves him most.

Only you, collected the photographs which you had put into a notebook so quiety.
When though, it'd figure for me, I'd join a friend in high spirits.
I want to hear your voice, by all means.
I'd think about a reason to recieve your hand.
The feeling builds inside me when we talk, but i break this feeling off and ask "how's life"

Nothing I wanted to convey, was made.
Only you, do i think about all the time.
In the first neighborhood that I always look at.
I become sad when gentle.
I want to cry when made cold.
From the One whom I love most.