Darkness Land

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Time runs slowly
I'm still alive
But ive already found hell
It is really hot
But is not that red
Hell is dark
And there are steel bars
Some demons wear uniform
Others sleep right next to me
But they all work at night
They all work at night
Suffering is real
I just have to close my eyes
Isn't if funny?
Everybody pretends to be blind
In the darkness fand

Time finally goes by
Julie would still come to see me
My child was not a child anymore
My time was coming
Everything seemed meaningless
I had lost all my hopes
I tried to forget my destiny
But the pain just grew strong
It was worse that day
It was december twenty-five
Oh christmas for the just
Just another day for the cursed
The I start remembering
I was just a little boy
But I haven't forgot
Those christmas mornings
Mama would always give me a gift
And say a prayer to the lord
Then I cry cause I know
That I will never do that for my son
Aloof in my dreams
I can hear somebody's voice
I open my eyes and not can believe
The man is talking about heaven
Can the lord to send an angel to hell?
But it's another prissioner, like me

So I ask to myself?
How can he say he is free?
He haves a book in his hands
He say things my that mon used to say:
Jesus salves, joe, Jesus salves
This time I will listen