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I could never do enough for you
You took all I could give to leave
Me outside in the cold am I supposed
To forgive? go your way and I'll go

Mine there's nothing left to say I'm
Better of without some one who would
Treat a friend this way felling sorry
For yourself I don't feel sorry for you

Search for answers find no answers
I don't feel sorry for you support your
Cause I never will believe a thing you
Say the taste of dirt inside your mouth

It's the dark side you can blame search
To find the answers that were once
Intelligent now you find your self all
Alone with your new friends the loss of

Hope the forgotten dreams I'll get over
You some day you built this wall around
Yourself and you pushed us all away
There's so many song's that glorify

This sickness that decay standing still
While your hanging on I'll get over you

Writer/s: Pulley