Frozen Mist

Dark Soul Karnival

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The circus of dreams
Shattered in isolation
Innocence breathing fear...
Fire captured in desire
The cemetery gates we enter
Frozen mist arise within...

Welcome to the dark soul karnival!

Solidify the shallow opening
Thoughts of cold shadows, caressed in fearful delight
Yearning to feel the anger
under this spell of mystical dreams.

A color of hatred withdrawn
Shards of light disipate
Moments crushed in eternal flames
This breath of fire secluding hate.

Enter into the wheel of fate
The haunted flesh sealing graves
An obscurity of destiny
This bloody realm, my eternity.

Here comes the pain
Tied to the wall
Let's play a game
Try not to fall
I strap you down
You cannot fly
There's no one around
So here you shall die.

The horror has begun
This fate will reveal
Your tears of blood
A passion that I conceal
Fighting to survive
This corpse of hellish fire
Your body I cannot revive
It's such a provocative desire.

I see the fear lie inside your eyes
This moment justifies, there is no light.

Your body turned to stone
This defect of your hated life
I touch your empty soul
Feeding lifestreams from my knife.

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