Declan Galbraith

David's Song (Who'll Come With Me)

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Who'll come with me?
Don't be afraid,
I know the way.
Who'll sing with me?
Don't be afraid,
I'll know the way.
Who'll dance with me?
All through the world,
Don't be afraid,
I'll show the way.

We'll go with you.
We searched the way
To find your star.
Who'll come with us?
Don't be afraid,
We found the way.

Who'll fly with me
To reach a star?
Don't be afraid,
I know the way.

Hello to all you young ones,
Our foundest hopes
Now rest in you.
Remember there's nothing you can't do
So believe and be brave.

Who'll be my friend
And walk with me
And sing this song?
Who'll love with me?
We'll change the world
And set it free.

We'll walk with you.
We'll be your friend.
We'll sing your song.
We know the way.