4th Disciple

Deadly Venoms

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(Prince Rakeem talking)
Yo here we go yo
The Prince Rakeem, this here is called my deadly venom
You know what I'm sayin?
Some old freestyle type of slick slang
For you and your gang
Girls so ya'll can kinda sweat this
Check it out and ya' don't quit

Verse 1:
And many brothers know me for what?
My bag of bitches
But I'm also known for giving stitches
A buck 50 for those who get nifty
That's why your ass so fast to call me swifty
And here I go and here I go
Hey yo go out like Bo and act like ya' know
That ya' can't beat me or bring me
The least bit of harm
Sssss, um um, uh uh
Heck no, I keep a sucker brain petrified
When I grab the mic I won't let go, I'd
Rather go live forever and ever and ever
Let it go? Never
Assume a lot of boys are doomed
Without being tuned
To many many many moons
As the champ that blast through your amp
I can't get weak cause my style can't cramp
I'm rugged like Guess black denim
Battles ya'll know I always ran 'em
When it comes to rappers, they're seeds
I'll plant 'em
As I eject ya' wit' a dose of deadly venom
This is the way I like to parle
And amputate to the words I say
The tormentor, take you on a mad adventure
Through an episode that's cold like the winter
Check your checklist
And see if you can wreck this
You thought I was a lover
And didn't expect this
Style I specify but now you can testify
Thee not a less the best is I

Deadly Venoms
Deadly Venoms kid
Check it out yo

Verse 2:
No time for charades or masquerades
It's more rugged shit with the kid with braids
And I like brothers to step up and show what they got
And watch 'em drop on the spot
And pop the corns
Just raw like crumbs from my tongue
Cause you're small like Tom Thumb
But I'm great, up to date and elevate
Rhymes I design
I write with paper mate
I stimulate your thoughts
Can't take shorts
Won every battle that I ever fought
So friend or foe
Who want to go toe to toe?
Yo you know you're gonna fall below
Zero don't try to play hero
Like um, Robert DeNiro and Crazy Shapiro
But I exempt not to be a wimp
I walk with a limp of a Roscoe pimp
I'm a slickster
Who's out to get your sister
You disagree with me? Fuck you mister
So uncanny brothers can't stand me
I'll take the panties from your mammy and your granny
Rap crusader, bam boom invader
Sex capader and also a panty raider
So protect your property
'Cause when it comes to baggin' girls
No one is stopping me
Or getting rid of me
I'm the epitome
Even cold fuck the statue of liberty
That's the way that I am though
Yea Rakeem wit' a rugged deadly venom (venom)

Yea check it the deadly venom (venom)
Word, the deadly venom kid
Yea a deadly venom (venom)

Verse 3:
Suckers step to me and think they can do me
Your style is screwy like Hong Kong Fuey
You can't push me, rush or mush me
Dust or crush, or even ambush me
'Cause I'll play ya' right out of position
See through your mission with x-ray vision
And once I see ya' I get Scrooge like Ebenezer
Crush ya' like black Caesar
After that I'll leave ya'
Hit 'em wit' a symptom of Rakeem fever
You get strung, hung, swung
Done, by a witty rap tongue
>From a young man who understood
What it takes to be good
Make a rhyme sound like it should
Susa I'm makin' this style looser
I turn men to stone like Medusa
You get blown and thrown off course
Feel the remorse
You're forced to take a loss
I get crazier
Slay ya' like Hell Raiser
Style amaze ya' I'm rugged like a trail blazer
Then I crash right through your
Lyrics I sued 'em
They're moving like U-Haul
Booming 'em, doing 'em, wrap 'em
Like aluminum fo-o-oil
Your plans got spoiled
Rhymes will affect ya'
Who loves to wreck ya'?
I laugh in your face like I'm Woody Woodpecker
(mocks Woody Woodpecker's laugh)
You can't get with the Ra'
Deadly venom

Word, Know what I'm sayin?
The Prince Rakeem strikes again
Never hit below the belt although the blow is felt
I wanna say peace to the DMD posse
And the gladiator posse
And the whole Staten Island posse
And the funky president Mel Kwan