Michael Schulte

Dear Doubt

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Dear doubt, you wore out a path to my door,
And it's needless to say that
There's no way that I want you here.
Dear doubt, please just go
You've been chasing me too long, so please just go

Oh my God the walls are closing in,
The pressure's on, the floor is caving in,
So better just leave and run,
Through the fire, I will just run,
Over fences I will jump,
Cut the wires to the wild,
Oh I will run.

Dear boy, let's go back in time while we can,
Oh we could sit in the sun
And then put a sally oldfield record on.
Dear boy, let me see the world through your eyes,
With no fear of falling down

We'd just get up off the ground and then run
I know I'd better run,
No more hesitation,
I just gotta run

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