Frozen Mist

Dead Winter's Hollow

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...And this winter night remains so blind
As the funeral procession brings me home.
Frozen mist spoken in dark hollow voices
They haunt your past incarnations of afterlife.

You drink the vials of my diseased blood
Cleansed from my veins and hidden arteries.
I melt the whitest snow that you've plagued upon this land
As you hide in the darkest caves of ambivalence.
This night shall fall in a stream of unconciousness
The darkest of all dreams you'll never wake up.
You will always remember me as I consume your mind
Because I am forever embedded into your memory.

I shall forever rest decaying in your deadly arms
And whisper your epitaph flooded with crimson blood.
Just close your eyes and make it last for all eternity
Dreaming in black is the perfect death for all infinity.

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