Dear Wife

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No my darling have no fear, I'll see you by and by, I trust in my
commander and my brothers in arms, the chaplain reassures us, that god
is on our side, and I will write to you every day, I will keep you
informed. Dear wife-I can feel your arms about my neck, life like-the
image of you crying at the gate. Dear wife-your photo is a sheild over
my heart. My life-depends upon the memory of your face. We landed on the
shore today, no enemy in sight, we are strong and confident that our
training is complete, we set up camp and cleaned our guns and sang away
the night, and yours by far the loveliest of all the pictures seen. I
can barely write today now things have gone awry, a man who was a friend
to me is dead and many more, I had to do a dreadful thing to make it
back alive, why am I the only one to send back into war? So tell me dear
the color of your eyes, I cannot remember the glimmer of your hair, you
were a guiding light emblazoned on my mind, but death has led me far
away and I don't seem to care. Dear god I am betrayed today, my brothers
are insane, our leaders have abandoned us and turned us loose to kill,
they behave like animals and I behave the same, why should I try to
survive when I don't have the will? Dear wife the tempo of my death is
beating down, why hide? Relief awaits me I cannot escape, dear wife-your
photo is a dead thing to me now, my life-is wasted like the memory of
your face.