Decay Of Logos

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Overbearing secular creature
My worshipped king
King of wisdom and pain

You are the one, the mighty one
Ruling so wise
You're the universal sin

Guardian of justice
Offering help
Favorite victim of your self-made gods

Empty shroud
Who runs to the indigents aid
Oh my perfect hero!
Ah my mighty friend!

You're the prince of principle
Wiping out disobedience with your might
Autocratic might!
You don't stand for backtalk
So you root it all out by your weapon's light
The Atomar light!

You are born into your violence
And you live against superior truth
You are born to live the ignorance
And you're proud to kill your spiritual youth

From the upper sea of the setting sun
you submit all mankind to toe the line
To toe your line
You commit your frightful arms
against the palaces and treasures of our mind
Our innocent mind

That's why your should remember
The duty that's required by your life
Or is it true that you did surrender
Your only possibility to survive?

In taper indented triangles
Sterilized drops of blood are wildly raving along
And their shadows - they are crossing my horizon!
Concrete becomes liquid, sweats along
And pours along through my legs - Alright!
Extensive feverish stuff.
Rough surface - murderous red!
Even in the air,
Which is still guiding quiet and understandable!
I feel the slippery, whispering,
Rainy dead end street,
Hanging deep above the vaporing sea!
The final signal for low truth approaches!
Fear did die?
Vanity - Insanity, warm, hot and true,
Who cut the enemy down? We are betrayed!

That's why you should remember
The duty that's required by your life
By our life
Or is it true that you did surrender
Our only possibility to survive? It's our life!

Writer/s: Eloy / Jurgen Rosenthal