Decieved Minds

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Deceived by the lost one, you worship the wrong idol
He told you he's bringer of liberation
Manipulate and brainwash your mind with his lies
Enjoying the cult following from the ignorance of man

Satanic dreams never become reality
Wasting life by walking on path of deception
Relying "the hope" that never be fulfilled
At the end, only eternal torture you must face

Is there any evidence of Satanic victory?
It's all in your mind, awakened by sin
A hope without faith in God is impotence
Illusions of power and glory are part of his deceptions
A logical philosophy?
You've betrayed, you've deceived
All creations belong to God, the creator!!

Face the fact, God is the only lord
He give us Christ to banish all the sin

Satanic philosophy comes from nothing but lies
When you die you will know who is right...
(but it's too late)