Decline of the West

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"Further in the future afar I behold
The twilight of the gods who gave victory".

Let the night falls
As western man lives his last days
Oblivious of his decay

When the Northern Light fades
And the Shadow from the South advances
Release the forces of chaos
To rush the end of this dying age

And the masses who live like cattle
Restless beings with aimless lives
Who'll find their final rest
In the depths of Hades Eternal

Tradition will guide our way
Through this age of growing strife
When the Godlike are defeated
And the Black Goddess reigns supreme

A whole world dies before us
Purify it

The fools at last can see it
But it's too late to stop the rising wave
The rebellion of slaves
The loss of Tradition
The rule of Leviathan
Demonic cult of money
Collective slavery in a materialistic way of life

Unleash the great pandemonium
Elemental powers totally out of control
Modern decadent civilization soon to be wiped out

As the drums of war beat louder
Shiva's thunderous dance begins
A Requiem for a world doomed
To perish in violent destruction

All things come and go
Under the laws of the Cosmic Order
One age dies
Another dawns
So the Eternal Cycle goes on

Mundus Modernus
Requiescat in pacem

Purified by fire we follow the Way to the North again
Riding the waves as we watch
Saturn wakes to be crowned the king of the New Age
We need first to bein a state of chaos
To become a shinning star
Human condition must be overcome
A bridge towards the Overman

A new cycle opens before us
A new Saeculum

Requiescat in pacem