Abigail's Ghost


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Go ahead
You can make it all okay
Cock it back
Never face another day
That I'm only here for you
And you´re for me

You can try to downplay me
But I' Il never go away
I´m gettnig close to breacking through
In spite of what you say
It´d be besteto recognize
That I´m not afraid to put you on disply

Inner demons screaming A- OK tonight
Never reality putting up a fight
Fascination creepsin slowly on the rise
Bleeding from a rolling of the dice

Take a bow
You're a joke in every way
Do it now
Hesitation doesn't pay
That I'm only here for you
And you're for me

If you're hoping to silnece me
Tody is not your day
Together we can entomb the
Better judgment you betray
Can you truly appreciate
We're almost where conviction
Slips away