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The first time that we met
You said, "Come follow me, and cast your net"
So I did, You said, "Reel it in. I will make you fishers of men"
One of twelve, followers
Named the rock by You, our Leader
I swear to You. I'll never run
I'll never deny that You're the Son

Now You're gone and I'm alone
Detached from the Life
You said before the rooster crows
You'll deny Me thrice

You blessed my name, You washed my feet
Then said, "The devil speaks through me"
Your soul was tired, but I fell asleep
Couldn't hear the blood that You were sweating
The hour had come, when darkness reigned
You wouldn't let my sword ease Your pain

A servant girl comes up to me
"Do you believe that He's the Christ"
The fear I swore that wouldn't be
Has revealed my demise
They ask again, "Are you with Him"
The Lord have I denied
The eyes of Love, the silent stare
I have no place to hide

And for Your gift, Your spirit lift
I'll give as You provide
And now for You, what I won't do
Is deny that I've denied