Slow Club

Dependable People And Things That I Am Sure

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I know that he loves me
As I watch him leave
I do anything at all
To hear his voice call me
But now there's a shadow
Where once there had been
He's searching for color
In a sepia scene

And the cold wind blows
Like my grip on a string
And I held so close
Now he's not listening
He's not listening

But I can go out there
I can be someone else
You all have the power to
Do this shit to ourselves
But in the quiet times
When nobody can see
I'm letting my thoughts get bigger than me
And the cold wind blows
And the spring never came
And I feel so sick if I hear his name

(Oooh, oooh)
Oh how he left me
Cause we went too far
I looked at my body
I learned how to drive a car
I have my family
And I have my friends
But oh how I wanted
To be with him again

And I know he's somewhere that he wants to be
And I only wish he wanted that with me
But I can run further than I could before
And I can laugh louder
I can dance till I'm sore
Then in the morning eye
I can do it again

I just have to keep moving
Don't ever stop moving
And all of this envy
And all of this fear
Will just be a memory
Of a shitty year
And I'm so much older than I want to be
But there's so much more if I take it easy
(Ooooh, oooh)

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