Destiny's War

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So alone, I'm going to sleep tonight, again
I never want wake up
You were so cruel to me, I thought I loved you
But I was in love with devil's breed
It's raping me , taking me, under the ice cold ground
I'm on my way to the stars, you can't stop me even
if you'd try
(to take away) my heart that's now
longing for real love,
I will find someone who heals my broken heart
You can play your sick game with someone else
Who'll swallow your lies and stay
What's wrong with you?
You can take what you want but you better not take it from me
I'll laugh at you, spit on you, no matter what you say
(whispering: I'm on my way to the stars)

Writer/s: Antti Pikkarainen / Juha Kylmänen / Juhani Heikk