Brenn Hill


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'Tis the age of the educated cowboy
Though it ain't the wage of an educated man
And you can change Cowography a thousand ways
But you can never change this jagged land

'Tis the place where the past and the future collide
Computers weigh the heifer in the pen
But the squeakin' of the leather beneath me as I ride
Gets me longin' for the good old days again

And just another day
Over Deseret
And you can tell me how but I'll punch these cows my
own way
I don't need a PHD to tell me when the sun will rise
and fade
Over Deseret

'Tis the way that the wind blows through the aspen
And the freedom of an endless sky and range
And when it comes to movin' on I'll be the last one
But then again I guess that some things never change


Writer/s: Brenn Hill