The Bled


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We crawled out of the ocean for the evolution
to conduct the grand finale.
She wants so badly to return the favor,
to bring you back home.
Everything's breaking, the cycle is void.

So we fed on the bones of the weak with a rabid bite.
We fucked on in the glow of the bomb.
Everyone's racing, there's blood on the streets.
You bred the new pets, they all caught the plague.

Just human error, lean in and weep.
Don't weep. You made this. Now bask in it.
Ring it in. Brand New. Ice Age.
And I hope you can swim.

If we don't make it out alive,
What comes after oblivion?
We'll all take turns wearing the ring,
The spotlights will blackout the holes in the sheets.
We stretch out for miles and just like a scar along the face of the earth,
It's to bad that you wont be here forever
I know you just wanted to.

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