Devotion In Sin

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Lost in Moonlight my sanity's about to die
Due to my desire & wish
I know I'll bee fired upon...
These words aren't empty
Does twilight cherish my dreams?
Nocturnal strayed...
As witness of this damned world
Where sign of cross' already gone
Towards the fatal darkness apperance
We lost our minds blinded by infernal destiny
By the frozen wind from crystal graphite in hearts
We did unite in the season of dimness
Where light quickly goes out until the dusk falls...
My perish now confused inside my thoughts
Everlasting truly devoted for blackness above
Ectasy - inspired me but let I slowly away...
Tonight in solitude darkness reach its aim
My anger now consumed my only fear
At strenghtfull devilish power dwelt here within
In crucial desistance I sacrifice my sin...
Tonight in solitude reach its aim
Tonight while solitude a sin is a paradise within
This anguished tongue to trust and hope is devotion in sin

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