Diablex Virus

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We were left together alone just to ourselves
Would anyone have to bury us in the same common grave?
I've opened my veins to show you how obvious is my pain
Whispering in Your ears every single day...

As owl being symbol of wrath
Thus me seem so familiar to Devil!
My earthly garden is darkness more than night...

Now I glance at myself being offensive to god
In the moment following his answers
I put the knife on my throat

Me... A fierce wizard who controls weather and waves
Throughout worship and sacrifice to no one...
Flesh and soul apart
Me... Wandering coyote barking and bite
Snarling and yelling
Wretched... Torn asunder

Here is everlasting war zone
Everything here is being broken under my feet
I shall freeze this flame vexing me... I promise
Diablex virus my private darkness...

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