Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

Diggy Liggy Lo

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Diggy Liggy Li and Diggy Liggy Lo
They fell in love at the fais-do-do
The pop was cold and the coffee *chaud
For Diggy Liggy Li and Diggy Liggy Lo

Diggy Liggy Li loved Diggy Liggy Lo
Everyone knew he was her beau
No body else could ever show
So much love for Diggy Liggy Lo

That's the place they find romance
Where they do the Cajun dance
Steal a kiss now they had a chance
She shows her love with ev'ry glance


Finally went and uh-seen her Pa
Now he's got hisself a Papa-in-law
Moved out where the Bayou's low
Now he's got a little Diggy Liggy Lo


Writer/s: J.D. Miller

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