Al Jarreau


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Hip hooray for true love that's unconditional
Just your baby, no pistol by your side
Nothing wrong with a love of god traditional
Making bridges or shoestrings all with pride
Silver and gold obsessionals
Pilfering's become an art
War and deceit professionals
And it breaks my heart, or am I just.

One more late, great dinosaur.
Hip hooray for the solid citizensational
Hale to caesar and praise to god on high
I'm working hard but I got two weeks vacational
Made me mad when melodic music died.

I've heard the forest weeping
Rivers that cease to roar
Gone with thy brothers keeping
And it melts my core, or am I just
One more late, great dinosaur.

I'll keep the watch the waiting
You'll help me keep the door
The witness participating
So it breaks no more, or am I just
One more late
One more great
One more late, great dinosaur

Writer/s: Al Jarreau / Marcus Miller / Robby Scharf