Frida Hyvonen

Dirty Dancing

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The love of my life when I was a kid
Came by my house this morning
We used to dance the afternoons away with Kylie
Back when the nineties were dawning

The love of my life when I was a kid
Used to write me the sweetest letters
And one night he shot a couple of birds in a pool
Thought it was to impress me

He was my older brother’s friend and had a light around him
that would chase off any winter
He had no father and his mother seemed younger than ours
And he was a dancer

He had the keys to a place where we could practice
It felt almost like Dirty Dancing
Minus the United States and instead of a resort
it was the Folkets Hus basement


Well then I became a singer and he became a chimney sweep
And a hunter and a father of two so far
I got a grand piano and a house with a chimney
And this morning he came by to sweep it

And we sat on the steps to the house listening
To the birds of the coming spring singing
He said “get up on the roof and put up a net,
or they will build a nest in your chimney”

And when I touched his sweepers arm with my piano fingers
He said “watch Frida, your hands will get dirty”
And I felt like I had a fever

The dark powers, the mayflowers
The roads on which we travel
How he told me no and how my young heart broke
And how a cold new world unravelled

I guess you do the dirty now and I do the dancing
And once we were Baby and Johnny
In a small boring town where the winters were long
And our real names were Frida and Jimmy


Writer/s: Frida Hyvönen

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