White Lion

Dirty Woman

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I need you woman to show me the way
I need you lady to love me everyday
I spend my money on this
Sleezy game we play
Cause I want your dirty tricks all the way

Every time I leave your candy store
I just know for sure
I'll be back for more

Dirty woman come on show me the way
Dirty woman I just need you to stay

And you can show me what no
Woman dare
No obligations to show I care
And when you take me into your bed
You wake wake those dirty thoughts inside
My head

When you lead me through your
Open door
Into your candy store
I just cry for more

[Chorus: x2]

Long legs, whole lot of sex
Sweet lies from innocent lies

Wild, tame drives me insane
Hey babe, I don't know your name


Writer/s: Mike Tramp / Vito Bratta

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