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Hey Mr. Bouncer, let me get me inside this club.
I wanna dance my ass off 2nite (2nite..). Kane, Dee and
Chino are already in and I'm Braz, the singer of 4lyn.
I wanna meet my people and also I wanna meet my darlin' (my darlin').
I wanna dance, I wanna dance 2 b the king 2nite.

I wanna b a discohead, oooh-oooh-baby-baby, ooh-ooh-baby c'mon

I got ma superstars on and the mirrorball is waitin' 4 me...
See all this hoochie-mamas on their way 2 da wardrobe
wanna feel mo' comfortable.
See booties (oh that hurts!)
High-heels and miniskirts.
Hookers dressed like queens,
And if u would b here, then u would know what I mean, yo..
Eyeballs are ready 2 burst

And I got da "big-ball-type-a-walk" as if ma name was Fred (beeep)
Dominic on the bar-chillin'
Kellner-surrounded by millions of good lookin' honeydips
Yo, they're lookin' in my direction as I start 2 flip.
Big eyes and wet lips

Lookin' at me, like I was the singer of "headtrip" (what?)
Call me uncle Braz and
Put my hips to the test.
Ladies u are good 2 go, so let me see that "tootsie-roll"
U don't have 2 fear this
Cuz the reason why I came here is...

I wanna dance - I wanna dance...
I wanna move - get in da groove...
They're stearin' at my butt as I start 2 shake it,
The next thing u know is that I get buttnaked.
And with one hand at ma genitals I do the move I do the best of all,
I look like I don't care and then I scream...

...Put ya hands in the air!!!