Divided By Four

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Nothing as pretty as you
But with rubber and glue
I can make two
Too bad I lost the key
To humility
When I was three

Three drops of a metaphor
With the hair of a boar
Divided by four

I can't deny
I'm preoccupied
With aesthetic cleansing worldwide

Evolution takes a while
But the new solutions make me smile
Won't it be nice and wont it be fun
When all of the animals learn to use guns

One thing I want from you
If you only knew
You'd want it too

Two thoughts you won't believe
One is me
Two is three

Three times just makes me bored
Kind of soar
I paid for more

You're always late
But I still wait
I need my share of what you accumulate

Give me candy give me filler
Give me the quick like cheapest thrill
Everybody loves a killer
Yet no one really wants to be killed
How can complain I was taught the same
Hurt every one and everything to
Just be entertained