Chris Webby

Dj Booth Freestyle

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Yeah, it's chris webby
203 where you at?
Yeah, it's like that (scratch that) exclusive
Let's get it poppin' (scratch that)

'cause every time i get on the mic, and i start reciting, or writtin', i'm like a titan, ain't nobody **** with that
Poppin' vicodin, and fighting, striking, and biting, quicker than lightning every time that webby gets up on the track
'cause you know i done it, i kick it, pun it, and bun it, step to me and you'll get punished 'cause i'm always spittin' crack
Split a couple dutches, get blunted even though i'm so broke i had to get fronted the money for the twenty sack
Baby, i'm a killa, with microphone's who is realer? i eat em' like quesadillas every time i'm comin' through
My skin may be vanilla, but i'm iller than any other spitta you heard of recently, and that's just how i do
'cause you know i rap it, cause havoc over the atlas, someone needs to open my brain up and tighten up the screws
Talent, yes i have it i'm magic, puff it and pass it 'cause i'm spittin' on the mic until my face is fully blue
Pick it up and drop it, i rock it no one can stop it, i pop it, lock it, no one can ever copy what he does
Rock on any topic while coppin' exotic product from the tropics that will leave me a very solid buzz
'cause everyday i'm twistin', it's my mission for christian to blow up like nuclear fission when i'm pullin' up the rug
From under your feet while hittin' your vision with the rhythm, kick flippin' over you motherfuckers and pullin' bud
'cause you know i'm going and {stay} showin' you that my flowin' is potent, 'cause i am always spittin' out the truth
{notoriety known} and white as the ocean, you could try to be...