Lowest Of The Low

Dogs Of February

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This melting snow has left me empty
It smells just like the start of almost any other year
And the thought of blocking this out tempts me
But I'm scared 'cause you're the object of all my deepest fears

And when it rains, man it can rain until the dogs of February lay me flat
And I'm spending all my time just thinking of a friend of mine
She's been scratching grooves in her skin
But I'm useless when it comes to shit like that

Don't you love it when it doesn't work out quite the way it was supposed to
Don't you hate it when it isn't quite, like the fairy tale that they told you
And you could hide it from my sight, or drain it all away tonight
But I really wish you wouldn't

Must be a thousand simple reasons
But you've got two convincing answers to every question that I ask
Say you want something to believe in
But don't waste your time, we both know I'm not worthy of the task

And you can hide, safe inside, it only helps to magnify the pain
It's time to shake the dust, shake the dust out of your eyes
There's a notion you've been strangling that deserves to see the light of day again

Don't you love it when it doesn't
You can shut me out again. Or choose to disregard the pain
But I really wish you wouldn't

It's like I'm falling down, down, down, until screaming doesn't make any sense
I hope that you decide to stick around, this sucks but it's my only defence

Don't you love it when it doesn't

A thousand reasons still remain, that you could justify again
But I really wish you wouldn't

Writer/s: Stephen Stanley

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